Is this made with rice?

No, rice is a starch. NuPasta is made with the root of the konjac plant and has no starch.


Is NuPasta healthy to eat?

Research has shown consuming water soluble dietary fibres have many health benefits, including weight management, diabetes management, cholesterol control, and regulation of bowel movements. Please refer to the Science and Evidence for more information.


Are these Shirataki or Konnyaku noodles?

Shirataki, konnyaku and NuPasta are all foods made with konjac. NuPasta is a Canadian product formulated to be softer in texture and more pasta like in appearance.


Is NuPasta vegan?

Yes! NuPasta is made without any animal products, making it suitable for vegan diets.


Does it need to be refrigerated?

NuPasta is stable in room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated. Simply keep it in the pantry. Do not freeze; freezing will damage it.


How can it be shelf stable? Are there preservatives?

There are no preservatives. After we pack and seal the tray of NuPasta, it is pasteurized at high temperature to make it stable in room temperature. Furthermore, NuPasta is packaged in a calcium hydroxide solution, which is alkaline, to inhibit growth of bacteria.


What is the water in the package? Is it safe?

NuPasta is packaged in a < 0.05% calcium hydroxide solution. Calcium Hydroxide is listed in the Permitted Substances List as a Food Processing Aid under the Canadian Food and Drug Act and is a common ingredient in the food industry.


Where is NuPasta made?

NuPasta is a Canadian company and the product  was formulated in Toronto. After the formulation was finalized, we found a contract manufacturer in China to make and package the pasta to our specifications. The manufacturer is certified by the British Retail Council (BRC) and attains HACCP global safety standard.


Is NuPasta available in the United States?

Yes! We are available online at

Below are the states where online shipping is available. If your state is not shown below, do not worry, as we will likely be available in-stores in your state soon! Please inquire at
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