• Where is nuPasta sold?
  • How do I prepare nuPasta?
  • How do I store nuPasta?
  • What ingredients are in nuPasta?
  • Is nuPasta Vegan? Keto? Low carb? Kosher? Halal? Gluten Free?
  • Are there any allergens in nuPasta?
  • I noticed a strange smell when I opened the package, is this normal?
  • Why is nuPasta stored in water?
  • How can it be shelf stable? Are there preservatives?
  • Why are there brown specs in nuPasta?
  • Are these Shirataki or Konnyaku noodles?
  • Is nuPasta healthy to eat?
  • Where is nuPasta made?
  • How is it possible that there’s only 35 calories per package?
  • Why do I see that some packages are 25 calories per package? Are they different sizes?
Below are the states where online shipping is available. If your state is not shown below, do not worry, as we will likely be available in-stores in your state soon! Please inquire at info@nupasta.com
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