For many, fitness is a core part of their lifestyle. Nutrition plays a key role for good results, which is why a popular saying is that “abs are made in the kitchen”. That usually means pasta gets axed from meals. But this doesn’t have to be the case!

With NuPasta, you can continue working out and hitting those ‘macros’ while enjoying your favorite pasta recipes.

Pasta for the Cut Not the Bulk?

Traditional pasta is high in carbohydrate and therefore is the furthest thing people think of when they are on the cut.

However, eating clean doesn’t have to be only chicken and broccoli! With zero net carbs, NuPasta provides volume without excess starch or calories, adding variety to your meal plan! Even bodybuilders or cross-fitters can enjoy NuPasta with turkey meatball marinara or basil pesto and pine nuts. Sounds good?