5 Tips for Staying Slim this Holiday Season Without Sacrificing Your Family Traditions

December 23, 2014 at 7:30 am, Posted by NuPasta

Avoiding the holiday bulge is a real challenge. With so much great food this time of the year, it’s hard to resist. Everywhere we turn, there is rich food, chocolate and holiday treats.

From office parties, outings with friends and dinners with the family, there is no shortage of temptations. Let’s be honest, most of us indulge this time of the year.

Rather than entering the New Year a few pounds heavier, there are a number of things we can do to stay slim this holiday season, while still enjoying your favorite goodies and partaking in all of your family traditions.

5 Tips for Staying Slim this Holiday Season

1. Cut back on other meals: If you want to enjoy all of your holiday favorites, it’s important to cut back on other meals during the holiday season. We all know that we will probably overeat at parties and family dinners, so plan ahead and cut back a bit on other meals to keep your calorie intake down.

2. Ramp up your exercise program: Even though you may not want to do it, we all know that a few extra sessions at the gym will help us shed some calories. Sweating out those extra calories after a big meal will help you stay fit. To make sure you exercise, schedule it ahead of time.

3. Replace pasta with NuPasta: Pasta is always a popular winter meal option. However, it’s also high in calories. If you want to cut back on your calories during the holiday season to help stay slim, replace traditional pasta with NuPasta – it has only 1/10 of the calories of regular pasta.

4. Portion control: We all tend to overeat this time of year. We have an extra serving of dessert, snack on goodies during the day and eat a lot of high calorie foods. One way to keep things under control is to eat smaller portions. You can still eat your favorite foods; you just need to eat less of them. Limiting yourself to one serving at dinner or one helping of dessert will help you stay on track this time of the year.

5. Go for the healthiest option: When faced with options, try to choose the healthier option when possible. Things like having a soda water rather than a soda, and choosing lower calorie foods is a great way to keep slim.

Following these tips will help you enjoy the holiday season without sacrificing your family traditions this time of the year. Do you use these tips? What advice can you offer other people looking to stay fit and trim while enjoying all the trimmings this holiday season?

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