How to Make NuPasta a Part of Your Weekly Routine and Weight Loss Strategy

January 10, 2015 at 5:34 am, Posted by NuPasta

Losing weight is the focus for many people this time of year. While we all would like to hit our fitness and weight loss goals as quickly as possible, it’s important to lose weight the right way so we can keep it off for good. Losing between 1 – 2 pounds per week is what you should be aiming for. This involves making a series of smaller changes over time, and changing your diet and what you eat plays a large role in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight and making great food choices is difficult. There are so many temptations to fight off, and many people simply don’t have the time to prepare healthy food at home. Plus, it’s easy to fall back on what you know and prepare comfort foods like pasta and high carb foods rather than put the time into looking for healthy alternatives that are time consuming to prepare.

NuPasta is the perfect solution to help you with your weight loss strategy, and you can easily make it part of your weekly routine.

Replace Traditional Pasta with NuPasta

Your first step to making NuPasta part of your weekly routine is to replace traditional pasta with NuPasta. This means if you eat pasta 3 times per week, then you will now have NuPasta three times per week. Every time you plan to make pasta, opt for NuPasta instead.

You can still have your favorite pasta sauces and ingredients – they taste great with NuPasta, too. Plus, it’s just as simple to prepare. Just rinse, heat and serve, and you will have a fresh dish of NuPasta ready in a matter of minutes.

What’s the Benefit of Switching to NuPasta?

Lowering your overall caloric intake each day is an important part of losing weight. NuPasta can help you reduce the calories and carbs you eat while still being able to eat your favorite pasta style dishes.

How Many Calories Does NuPasta Have?

NuPasta has 1/10 of the calories of regular pasta! Yes, you read that correctly. With so few calories, it’s the perfect option for low calorie diets, as it allows you to still have pasta while on a diet. One serving of NuPasta has 25 calories, whereas the same amount of regular pasta contains about 300 calories. Do the simple math—by switching to NuPasta, you will be cutting about 275 calories per meal.

The best part is that you will feel just as full as if you ate regular pasta. NuPasta has three times the fibre as regular pasta, helping you to increase your fibre intake and feel satisfied after a meal.

Coupling the switch to NuPasta, reducing your calories, and increasing your activity level will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Now all you have to do is stock up. You can purchase NuPasta at these store locations and make it part of your weekly routine.

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