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Since our launch in January of 2015, NuPasta has won several awards including the Retail Council of Canada – New Product Award, the SIAL Innovation Award and also the SIAL World Tour Country Winner.  While we are honored the panels of professional judges picked our product to win these prestigious awards, the NuPasta team would like to thank our fans also for their feedback. Here are some examples of comments from our fans:


November 5, 2015

Good Day,

I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful your product is! 

August 8th, 2015 my husband was rushed into emerge in diabetic ketoacidosis. His blood sugar level were in the 30’s, he had lost his vision, and was a heart attack waiting to happen. Bill (my husband) is only 43. We have two young children. I wasn’t prepared to lose him, or spend the rest of his life dependent on medications. I also work in Healthcare, and I’m all too familiar with the complications of diabetes. 

Bill started on diabetic medications such as metphormin, Januvia and insulin. He also was started (by me) on a low carb diet.  Finding foods that are filling, tasty and good for you hasn’t been easy. Let’s face it he didn’t get diabetes because he loves vegetables.

Through many hours of reading I stumbled across konjac noodles, then went to an Asian market over an hours drive away to get them. We loved them….but too far away. Then I looked into just buying the flour, and by chance your company popped up! I found out in my small local Foodland was your wonderful product!

Update…my husband has lost 42 lbs., he has been off insulin for over two months, his high blood pressure has come down, and by Christmas he will be off Januvia (maybe even metphormin) oh and his vision returned to 20/20.  Thanks to wonderful products like yours. The goal is to be completely med free.

I have the love of my life back because of amazing products like this! Thank you so much. I can’t stop raving about your products! Truly a blessing to any one on a low carb diet. 

Thank you. Forever grateful.

Melanie L.


November 19, 2015.

Hi NuPasta team! 

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I really enjoyed my packages of NuPasta.  Recently I had my doctor inform me that I am borderline diabetic (type 2).  I am also celiac and have high blood pressure so have to watch sodium as well as gluten.  I looked in my cupboard to clean it out of anything bad for me and found my last package of NuPasta.  I enjoyed a nice spaghetti dish that night for supper. For someone like me who has to read every darn label and even limit good things like apples, your product is a life saver.  Thanks again for making my life a little easier.  Your product is going to be a huge success. 

Best wishes  

Glenda G.


April 28, 2016.


This my new favorite product!  I haven’t had pasta for a few years and NuPasta was a pleasant surprise. For lunch today I made my version of Shrimp Carbonara. Shrimp, bacon, garlic, cream cheese with NuPasta Angel Hair. Absolutely delicious. I really missed pasta.  Not anymore!




While we understand NuPasta may not be for everyone, we appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative, so we can continue to improve. If you have your own story to share, feel free to send us a message at info@nupasta.com.


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