Our 0.5% problem

July 28, 2017 at 9:00 am, Posted by NuPasta

In North America, the average male weighs

160 lbs at age 20,
170 lbs at 30,
180 lbs at 40, and
184 lbs at 50.
The average female weighs
130 lbs at 20,
140 lbs at 30,
147 lbs at 40, and
153 lbs at 50.

So we gain 10 lbs every decade. How does that come about? Well, it’s the 0.5% of our diet!

Every day, the average person eats about 2000 cal of food and burn a similar amount. We however enjoy eating a little more than exercising by, say, 0.5%. How much is that? 0.5% of 2000 cal is 10 cal (one peanut or one potato chip). By eating 10 cal more than we burn, in one year that is 3500 cal which is one pound of fat. In one decade, that is the 10 lbs of fat in our belly.

If it is a 0.5% problem, it has a 0.5% solution: hold off that 0.5% urge and we can stop the trend, hold off another 0.5% and maybe we can undo our past wrongs…

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