The Life of a nuPasta Employee

September 1, 2017 at 2:41 pm, Posted by NuPasta

Launched in early 2015, NuPasta is a startup company founded by two biking buddies, Johnny and Stephen. Since then, NuPasta expanded into a small team! While the office is where our regular day to day functions are conducted, we also have little adventures that takes us all over the country! As a NuPasta employee, we travel to many locations for trade shows to communicate with our consumers. While tradeshows seem buzzing and full of life to most consumers, a lot of work is put in by both the show organizer and vendors to make it happen.
Before the show starts, we have to send our employees to the show location to set up. As the company is based in Toronto, we drive to any Ontario or Quebec locations and fly out to all the other locations.

At the event, a 10’ by 10’ space is provided and we do our best to make it look good. Here’s a short video of how it is done:

Once the setup is complete, the team likes to explore the city, just to relax before the show. As a food vendor, our employees generally like to eat, so we find some good restaurants in the area.

During the show, we hand out samples of our pasta and answer any questions they have. At a show with high attendance, a huge crowd often surrounds us and we do our best to serve our customers.

After everything is done, we pack our things and head home. This generally happens about 10-12 times per year, with various events across the country. Visit for more event details and meet with one of our amazing staff!


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